Joanna Sivan therapy



My name is Joanna Sivan and I’m a certified couple and family therapist and have a MSW I social work.

I have a BSW degree in Social Work from the University of Haifa (2000) and a Master’s degree in Social Work from Stockholm University (2005).


 I have a CFT Certification from the Israeli Association for Marriage and Family Therapy both as a therapist and as a supervisor.

I’m specializing in couples, families, social network therapy, body and mind and therapy of grief and loss.

 My therapy methods are from different theoretical schools that I have learned and worked with during my 16-year long experience as a therapist.  


The Methods I use originate from the systemic, psychodynamic, body and mind and cognitive behavioral theories. I practice different methods according to goals of the treatment and to the needs of my clients.


I see patients in my clinic at Kibbutz Sha’ar Ha’amakim, near Tivon (close to Ramat Yishai, Nesher and Haifa).

יואנה סיון


מטפלת זוגית ומשפחתית ומדירכה מוסמכת


Couple and family therapist



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יואנה סיון 

מטפלת זוגית ומשפחתית



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